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Exploration & Explore Some More!

Lower Grammar Stage Programs 

(K5-3rd Grade / Ages 5-8)

Cultivation of Wonder & Virtue

Monday &/or Tuesday—2021-2022


The Exploration and Explore Some More! Programs are Lower Grammar Stage Programs (K5-3rd Grade) aimed at the cultivation of wonder and virtue. Students at these ages are naturally filled with wide-eyed wonder at the world and need that wonder to be protected, cultivated, and extended. Young children are receptive to acquiring virtuous habits of learning that will serve the rest of their lives. So, while we practice handwriting, reading, and arithmetic, we are very intentional about developing them as passionate lovers of truth, goodness, and beauty. Thus, we seek to show them the natural world as a living museum full of wonders that delight the soul. We are intentional about cultivating virtues of humility, courage, constancy, and temperance. The lower grammar years are the ideal time to acquaint younger students with the pedagogical (teaching methods) wisdom of making haste slowly (festina lente) and mastering a few things rather than lightly “covering” many (multum non multa). Student Explorers learn the virtue of working wisely and well but without anxiety and exhaustion. We focus on a core of three main arts: reading, writing, and arithmetic; additional study in history, science, Bible, music and fine arts serve to season and delight but not overwhelm. Latin memory work is also introduced. We learn naturally and with delight by means of songs and chants, engaging all five senses by creating meaningful rhythms, practices, routines, and traditions replete with beautiful images, music, and “liturgy.” Physical education and recreational games are fun ways to promote health habits of teamwork, cooperation, and exercise. The STEAM component of Explore Some More! introduces students to creative play through science (observations and journaling), technology, engineering, art, and mathematics activities.

Exploration (Monday)

Scripture Memory

Bible Drill

Hymn Study


Cultivating Virtues

Memory Work

Science Lab

Hands-on History/Timeline

Student Presentations

Review Games

Physical Education

Fine Arts


Art Appreciation & Technique

Convocation Events (Guest Speakers)

Field Trips

Explore Some More! (Tuesday)

Scripture Memory

Hymn Study


Memory Work/Review Games/Timeline

Beginning Rhetoric/Great Books

Math Games

Group Music

STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics

*Course offerings subject to change.