A bridge between the grammar and logic stages of learning, the Excursion Program cultivates a student's love for language, literature, and number sense with a blend of appropriately challenging academic courses and enrichment activities. This program prepares students for the language study and writing they will encounter during the Expedition years. Our English grammar class covers foundational principles of language structure and analysis, while our writing class (using the Institute for Excellence in Writing's award-winning curriculum) teaches structure and style. Math games, spelling, and Latin activities provide a fun, active intermission between language arts classes. Additionally, students participate in group music instruction led by the Decatur Youth Symphony and enjoy LEGO Robotics as part of the Libertas STEM Program. In Excursion, every fifth week, students engage in discussing Great Books during Book Club.
TUESDAY OFFERINGS Excursion Program 4th - 6th Grade (Ages 9 - 11)
ALL Students (2019-2020)
Scripture Memory
Bible Drill
Hymn Study
English Grammar
Math Games
LEGO Robotics
Book Club/Great Books
Group Instrumental Instruction

**Course offerings subject to change.

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