Upper Grammar Stage Program

(4th-6th Grade / Ages 9-11)

Cultivation of Language, Literature, & Number Sense

Monday &/or Tuesday—2021-2022


The Excursion Program is an Upper Grammar Stage Program (4th-6th Grade) that cultivates a student’s love for language, literature, and number sense with a blend of appropriately challenging academic courses and enrichment activities. On our Excursion, we seek to extend the wonder and virtue education begun in the lower grammar years and “seal” and strengthen students’ wonder and virtue so that they become a permanent aspect of character. We also begin the dedicated study of grammar, studying both English grammar and Latin. Students discover the wonder of language—how it works as a medium of thought and communication, how it delights the ear, the tongue, and the soul. We teach grammar as an art that illuminates and humanizes and that provides students with the capacity to acquire wisdom (via reading) and express their ideas and thoughts clearly (via speech and writing). Additionally, this program highlights the Great Books, or great literature. Now that students are independent readers, we give them a steady diet of the best literature—including novels, poetry, and history. We work to impart mastery of number sense—showing students the wonder of mathematics and giving them a solid understanding of how numbers work (numeracy and number sense). Students begin to see mathematics as another language to describe the world, something beautiful, something to play with, and something with which to do valuable work. Fine Arts study includes drama/theater instruction and art appreciation and technique. The STEM component of Excursion introduces students to mechanical concepts and teamwork via LEGO robotics.

Excursion (Monday)
Scripture Memory
Bible Drill
Hymn Study
Cultivating Virtues
English Grammar
Memory Work
History & Timeline
Science & Lab
Student Presentations
Review Games
Fine Arts
Art Appreciation & Technique
Physical Education
Excursion (Tuesday)
Scripture Memory
Hymn Study
English Grammar
Math Games
Great Books/Book Club
LEGO Robotics

*Course offerings subject to change.